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Old 11-25-2021, 04:42 PM
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Default Thanksgiving 2021 observations

Happy Thanksgiving to all on this forum.

I finally figured it out why my wife's family's Thanksgiving dinners are so hard for me to eat.

First of all she has 3 sisters and a slew of aunts and grown daughters and nieces.

Every Thanksgiving one of this crew of women is assigned to bring covered dish for either the sweet potato casserole, famous green been casserole or dressing or potato salad and even the turkey.

So at each thanksgiving dinner every year each daughter, sister or niece is brings what they think is the best dish. Of course they all want to impress each other and garner that year's bragging rights.

The only trouble is none of them are truly good (in my case) southern cooks. They just google a recipe and throw it together.

Come meal time all the sisters, daughters, nieces oh and ah and say how good the various dishes are so as to not hurt anyone's feelings.

So the men in the family have to go along or God forbid tell the truth how horrible the meal was. Thus this tradition is passed down year after year. We men would rather eat at the Waffle House, just sit on the couch and watch TV and drink beer and stuff ourselves with junk food (that we love) or go hungry all of which options are better than the horrible dishes forced on us for an hour or two and lying out our ying yang saying how good it is with a straight face.

It seem like the women in our family find it impossible to cook year after year the Thanksgiving dishes that the men enjoy.

How was your thanksgiving?

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Old 11-26-2021, 02:03 AM
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Thanksgiving was to be at my place this year. Had the turkey thawed and day before the holiday my mother called and asked “why don’t we have dinner over here instead?” (we were having dinner at my place to give grandma a break as she always goes all out). My wife doesn’t care for some of my mom’s cooking, “omg she put onion in the stuffing!” or “aargh, her Mac ‘n cheese is always runny” lol…well it all turned out ok except for my promise of no politics at the table, couldn’t help it my dad triggered me! Grandpa and grandma, wife and I, our kids, my two brothers and their kids had a good time and the eats were great, we were all thankful and thanked the Lord that we were able to be with loved ones for the holiday for another year!

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