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Old 01-05-2018, 09:03 AM
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Default Tesoro "Waterproof" coil- Means what exactly?

I own a tesoro mojave and was curious what exactly "water proof" coils meant?
Does it mean the coild can be submerged or just simply rained on or used when the ground is wet?

If it is able to be submerged, does anyone have any bad experiences with this? Or good? Just wondering if its worth submerging in water or is it too risky?

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Old 01-05-2018, 09:07 AM
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It means that the coil is waterproof but not the control box. Some people have modded the box in order to be able to submerge the whole unit.

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Old 01-05-2018, 09:21 AM
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Dunk the coil all you want, it is actually waterproof.
The control box isn't, however, and the rods are hollow and there have been a few owners that were hunting in shallow water and for some reason lifted the coil above their head so any water in the lower rod ran all the way up to the control box and made its way into the electronics through screw holes.

The result...a voided warranty and a formally fine piece of sensitive equipment immediately turned into nothing more than a glorified door stop.
Also many have hunted with all kinds of detectors in water and were sure they could be safe and careful but one little slip or a case of butter fingers and even with the slightest dunking same results.

Just use common sense when hunting around water no matter what tool you are using.
I might go near the water maybe on a beach but only in areas with wet sand and even that is rare for me.
If I ever plan on going into deeper water even if it extremely shallow in lakes, oceans, brooks, creeks or rivers there are a few waterproof detectors on the market to choose from for that specific purpose.

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