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Old 08-30-2010, 09:52 PM
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Well I'll have to tell you, from an X airgun addict of many It isn't shooting 1500 fps in .177 and it isn't going to be acccurate by most standards until you get into some heavy domed pellets and really learn how to shoot a springer. Get some crosman premier heavies from a dealer on the net and shoot them, you will see. The loud or rather loud crack you are hearing is actually the gun slowly killing itself. Too light of a pellet, almost if not actually dry firing. I've owned well over 200 airguns in my addiction years and my stable usually consisted of 25 to 40 adult precision air rifles at any one time. When the dollar took a dunk and the exchange rate told me I was paying more than double what you could buy the same airgun for overseas I decided 3-4K for a pellet rifle was just not wise any more. Don't get me wrong as I do love a moa pellet gun if mother nature does her part but the dealers in this country are taking Americans for fools. When I figured out in 2008 that the first of the year price increases were making the dealers 7-800.00 per gun and they call it import fees I called it quits and sold 60,000.00 worth of superb air rifles inside of a 3 month period and the airgunners who bought them were tickled that I was selling them at last years price. Now I'm metal detecting.......addicting isn't it
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