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Old 08-10-2018, 05:57 PM
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Cool An exceptiional week.

Well, our church had a VBS this week and we had our penny march(boys and girls compete to bring more pennies to put in buckets on either side of a balance, the heaviest wins) . After the first night I walked up to take a peek in the buckets and I immediately saw this war nickel lying right on top. So I picked it up and waited to check the other penny boxes, rolls, and loose pennies. I decided to check through some of my rolls before I put them in ,so I did. I got my first steelie, my first bird cent, my first phili mint coin-token, and then it happened... I poured out a roll and saw a wheatie, wheat ears up, it looked old so my and my brother guessed the age, I guessed 1919 and my brother wasn't sure. When I flipped it over I just about dropped to the ground, It was a 1914d cent. After waiting 2 days I decided to check the rest... After finding 200+ Canadians(6 KGVI's) in 12 rolls, I started getting some Wheaties. I pulled out a 1919s some other common ones and that was about it. Does anyone know what or the value of the mint token. What about the KGVI's? These are the records of the box:1st steelie, first bird cent, first mint token, first key date,2nd war nickel, 1st KGVI,most Canadians, and most Wheaties. I still have 2 boxes left as well to check through. What are your key dates that you've found? :? And for all those curious souls out there, The boys won 2\3 times.
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Best find~ 1883 IHP. Motto~Christ,Family,Metal Detecting. Silvers:4 IHP's:3 Wheaties:30 I believe with all my heart that standing for America means standing up for God who has so blessed this land- Ronald Reagan.

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Old 08-10-2018, 06:59 PM
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Congrats on the amazing finds! Love the steelie & '14-D.

Originally Posted by Usa View post
And for all those curious souls out there, The boys won 2\3 times.


Mathew 6:19-21 ~ 2019 Clad: 150 Coins ($10.19)
Totals: 550 Clad Coins ($36.34) ~ 1 Wheat Cent ($0.01)

2 Foreign Coins ($0.06) ~ Oldest Coin: 1945 Wheatie ~ Au: 0 ~ Ag: 0
Garrett Treasure Ace 300 ~ Harbor Freight 9 Function ~ BH Jr ~ GP-Pointer
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Old 08-11-2018, 01:01 PM
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Nice hunt!
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