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Old 10-07-2017, 12:11 AM
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Thumbs up Product review: SecurIt Retractable Carabiner Key Holder, by Key-Bak

*Before I get started and for sake of transparency, it should be noted that this product was provided to me for free in exchange for this review.

I've only had my new pin-pointer (White's TRX) for a little less than a month, now. But during that short period of time, I've already managed to leave it behind at a dig site. Thankfully, not much time had passed when I realized my error and the site was just a block away from my home, so going back and finding it was easy.

I immediately decided I couldn't risk making that mistake again, and that a means to keep it tethered to my person was necessary. While I could have just used something simple like a shoelace or a section of paracord, I despise tangles and knots. So I went looking for an alternative method.

Enter the "SecurIt Retractable Carabiner Key Holder," by Key-Bak. With a price point of $15-$18, this is the "Super Duty" variation of the SecurIt line of products. It features a 36" braided kevlar cord inside a rugged, molded plastic body, with a sturdy 1" split-ring at the end for attaching your keys (or in this case, your pin-pointer), and easily latches onto a belt loop or D-ring with an aluminum caribiner. It also has an advertised retraction force of 13-15oz., making it the ideal tethering choice for use with your pin-pointer.

Even before removing the unit from its packaging, I'm already impressed. As you can see, the clamshell packaging features a cutout through which to try out the tethering system and make sure it is suitable for your needs. Maybe I'm just easy to please, but I really appreciate this aspect of the product's overall presentation.

Equally appealing is the ease of which the packaging can be opened (or closed); no cutting or crying required!

Tipping the scale at just under 2.5oz., the weight of the SecurIt Super Duty is not an issue at all when coupled with the pin-pointer (itself weighing just 6.3oz., running off one 9v battery). The body of the SecurIt Super Duty is made of a rugged plastic that I'm sure will stand the test of time. There is one caveat with this style choice, however: The two halves of the body are fused together, making it impossible to take apart for the purpose of cleaning. As such, I would NOT recommend this for use if it's going to be submerged in water, as any sand, plant matter, and other debris would prove quite difficult to remove. Any other environment, and it's good to go.

As you can see, the SecurIt Super Duty sits well on the belt and does not impede movement at all. I opt to go without the pin-pointer's holster, however, as it causes the top portion of the unit to dig into my side.

Even though my particular setup has the pin-pointer hanging freely, the retraction strength of the SecurIt Super Duty is able to keep the pin-pointer pulled up and close to body without issue. Conversely, the retraction also is not so strong that the pin-pointer returns to its resting place with a force that might result in damage or injury.

If you're looking for a clean and compact tethering solution for your pin-pointer (or even your hand digger, if you're brave enough), I highly recommend the SecurIt Super Duty Retractable Key Holder by Key-Bak!

5/5 High Tones!

- Easy-open packaging with try-before-you-buy cutout
- Perfect 36" cord length; not too long, not too short
- Easily tethers pin-pointer in place with no noticeable line slack
- Clean and compact design

- Fused, one-piece body blocks access to internal mechanism for cleaning and maintenance

Additional photos:

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