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Old 02-17-2017, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Fear_me_Punk_11 View post
hi clharwood,
looks to me you found a german button.bavarian.
if its old ? the attachment on the back is to good in shape and very solid to me.
the attachment is my guess from 1900 up. the button itself could be much older.
but nothing is impossible.
might be a german immigrant brought it back in the days to the USA.

here a similar one on that Picture
Buttons with the princely lion stone coat of arms, found on the site of the princely lion's hay castle in Miltenberg! RS: Best quality for all my buttons found this way!

it would take me hours to figure out what button you have...
might be a Traditional costume button from the bavarian "Schuhplättler" they always dances on german oktoberfest events.
my sugestion is about 1950 and from bavaria.
Great info, thanks!

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