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Old 06-24-2022, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View post
MITW : I would love to explain the water-witching and psychic occurrences you cite here. To propose "more plausible explanations". Because I too am a skeptic. And I opine that there are more plausible explanations OTHER that non-physical explanations. Ok ? And I believe their are simple explanations to the anecdotal stories, such as yours, that we hear.

However, it strikes me as odd that you're sympathetic to these events. That you give them credit. That there might be something mystical or supernatural going on (unless I've misunderstood you ?). If so, how can that be ? I thought we were nothing more than meat-all-the-way down. That's there's nothing non-physical. That you don't opine in anything that can't be measured scientifically in a test tube?

Therefore you should IMMEDIATELY poo-poo these various things as being nothing nothing more than simpleton superstitions . I mean, c'mon now bro, let's be consistent. Ok ?
I've had many run-ins with the Paranormal , for lack of a better term. And, many times I've had witnesses and I tried to look at it as analytical as possible.

Just because psychic ability for example may exist, does not mean that there is life after death, or a God. Most people like to jump to conclusions. I just think it's some energy that has not been fully discovered. I have no reason to believe it's connected to anything from the dead, or gods, etc.

I think peoples experience with psychic ability, makes a lot jump to the conclusion that there is a God, and he answers prayers, and everything else they "Want" to believe, just because they experienced something they can't explain.

I have no doubt psychic ability exists, I've witnessed enough from a skeptical point of view to convince me. But I have seen zero proof of a God or after life.

We were searching for this old guy in the area of a whole state. Now, statistically, what the chance this guy who knew nothing about it, was able to say where would be found, within a 1/10 of a mile accuracy.? He could have been 1 mile away, or 350, we flew that far in one direction looking for him.
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Old 06-24-2022, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by ManInTheWaLL View post
.... I just think it's some energy that has not been fully discovered. .....
Then according to this your post of yours, on 6/16/22, you should reject these things that you can't pragmatically explain with data & science :

Originally Posted by ManInTheWaLL View post
.... My world view is science, data, pragmatic thinking.......
You're making this much too simple MITW
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