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Old 09-12-2020, 01:12 PM
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Default August Retrospective: Six in One Day and Stood Up

Well folks, it's time once again for a monthly round-up. And what a month it was!

August was again a monthly silver coin record-breaker for the third month running, with fourteen total. In addition, I was able to break my silver coins in one hunt record, with six recoveries in one crazy 90 minute hunt. That was pretty wild!

The huge standout from this month to me is the 1918 D SLQ. That was one of those "can't believe your eyes" finds for me. I had already found a 1905 Barber Dime that day, so I was riding high as it was, and I got a just perfect deep quarter signal. "Oh man," I said to myself, "if this is a deep silver quarter, I'm going home!" And sure enough, the SLQ pops out and I lose my mind. Suffice it to say, I went straight home!

My other favorite find of this month are the Sterling Paratrooper Jumpwings. In addition to collecting coins, I also collect military antiques, so this is absolutely one of my favorite finds. It's something I never even considered finding so that kind of blew me away..

Also recovered were 49 Wheats, the oldest being 1911, and the big green Sterling ring, Sharpie cap for size comparison. I've never found a Susan B before, so I threw that on the board too. The School Safety Patrol badge came from the same place as the SLQ but was way down there, over a full pinpointer deep. I thought that was pretty neat also.

I picked up a USB microscope which will work out great for detail pics in the future.

Wood flavor of the month is Brazilian Rosewood.

GF & HH to all in September!

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