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Old 09-07-2020, 08:23 PM
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Default Looking to Join or Start a SE Pa club.

Hi. While Iím not at all new to detecting (Iím 47, started at 14, and itís been an on again - off again hobby throughout that time) I have never bothered to join a club; opting to detect when I had time, and almost always on my own.

With two of my three kids almost out of college, and my years of self employment behind me, I am either looking to join a club, or start a club in Southeastern Pa. I am within 10 min of the NJ border, 20 min from the De Border, and am able to bring a few things to the table...

1. Iíve got some pretty strong research skills.
2. Iím very adept with web design.
3. Iím committed.

If you are either in a club that I havenít yet come across, or interested in starting g one with me, please reach out. I do have some specific ideas of a handful of things I would like to approach (a bit different than anything I ha e seen being done) and have the energy to help wherever needed.


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Old 09-07-2020, 11:20 PM
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John, I spent Saturday with the Southeastern Metal Detecting Recovery Group on a farm right in the center of the Battle of Brandywine . The farmer even has a canon all stuck in the foundation of his home. Howís that for location ! There was at least a dozen guys and girls . Seems like a nice group. They have a web site you can look up. By the time I had to leave, they had found a couple of musket balls.
If you decide to join, call me. Thinking of doing the same. Tom

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Old 09-08-2020, 05:21 AM
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I'd be interested in being part of a new club.

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