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Old 12-27-2017, 04:17 PM
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Default Anyone have an AT Pro?

Hey y'all,
I'm looking to upgrade my Garrett Ace 350 to an AT Pro and wanted to try it before I went through the trouble of selling my Ace and buying the AT Pro. Does anyone in Fairfield County have one that I could try out and see how different they are? Also does anyone know (or can point me in the right direction) of if the coils are interchangeable? I.E the coils for the ACE work with the AT series.

I'd be happy to meet somewhere (probably on the beach) to test since the ground is frozen. Maybe like cove/shippan beach are in Stamford, I live close to these areas. Maybe we can make an afternoon of it and search a few sandy spaces while we are at it. I have a White's V3i and the ACE I could bring to the party.

-Victor M.

White's V3i/Garrett 350 in 2015: 1 silver dime, CLAD [5q, 3d, 4n, 14cp, 2wp, 11zp] and some copper pipe

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