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Old 04-16-2017, 03:09 AM
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Default Found Gold Ring - First Return

I was just about finished hunting for the day and was detecting in the dry sand as I made my way back to my guesthouse room.

One of the beach vendors, a guy that rents inner tubes, called me over and said his wife lost a gold ring a couple days ago.

With a wave of his arm, he pointed in the general direction where he thought it might be. I found some trash and 10-baht coin and then his wife joined us.

She told me the same thing - lost two days ago and somewhere in the area where I was looking.

About 5 minutes later, I found it. First return since I started detecting about 8 years ago.

The lady had a huge smile and thanked me and her husband asked her how much to tip me. I told him I didn't want a tip. Her smile was enough.
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Old 04-16-2017, 03:45 AM
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Awesome story. Congrats
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Old 04-16-2017, 10:00 AM
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Super nice thing to do. You represented the best side of the hobby very well.


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Old 04-16-2017, 10:55 AM
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Nice work man!

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Old 04-16-2017, 01:31 PM
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Nice work there Buddy! Finding a ring for somebody not super rich who appreciates your skill and effort! Thats like 4xkarma points on the return there!


Detecting is the study of Mankinds interaction with topography, the untrustworthiness of pockets, and metals desire to return to the Earth from whence it came.

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Old 04-16-2017, 08:16 PM
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Great story! Feel good about yourself and your deed!

This hobby is heart approved......
One beep gets the blood pumping!

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Old 04-16-2017, 09:07 PM
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Awesome. One of our clubs here in Tennessee found a guys wedding ring and he donated several tools for our Christmas auction. What goes around comes around!
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Old 04-17-2017, 11:37 AM
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WTG Lar!!

SeabeeRon-On the beach in Santa Cruz,CA.
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Old 04-18-2017, 06:59 AM
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Good Job!

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Old 04-18-2017, 06:45 PM
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Default good job

Way to go!

"Let noone say.. and say in your shame.. there was beauty here 'til you came!"
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Old 04-20-2017, 04:59 PM
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Thumbs up

That was very nice of you.

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Old 04-23-2017, 12:04 AM
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You make us all look good.. Thanks..

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Old 04-23-2017, 03:40 AM
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I've done about 3 ring returns over the course of 9 years and sometimes that individual's happiness outweighs the worth of almost any ring. Plus we all look that much better now.
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Old 04-30-2017, 12:44 PM
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way to go !! these are my favorite finds. this has happened to me several times when im out during the day on the beach and my success rate is pretty good finding their lost item... this is more fun for me than finding a score for me !!

and yes... this smile is the biggest reward you can ever want in this hobby

Long Island, NY : FS Whites Beach Hunter ID 300

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Old 05-03-2017, 06:39 AM
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Cool story. Oddly enough I was swimming in the same area 8 or 9 years ago.. I had change in my pocket. Finished swimming with nothing but sand in my pockets. Next day started my hunt for a detector

Beep and dig

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