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Old 12-21-2013, 03:17 AM
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Default 60 deg in dec, silver plated, lots of iron

So it was a nice warm December day yesterday, shotgun season is over but still bow season. There is a house location I've been looking at in the middle of a farm field, with it being only bow season and no hunters out today I was allowed to go out in the fields to the old house location. The house was torn down in the 60's and the owner said she knew the people that grew up in the house who died in the 70's so it was a pretty old house. Like the old school on her land she said many people have detected the house location over the years but since I haven't heard back from the owner of another location I'm looking at(1700's house location) I decided to go hunt this location. Doesn't matter how many times it's been gone over, there's still at least one good item left right? Well for the first half hour or so I dug everything meaning this time I didn't disc. out iron found bits a pieces of an old chain and a few nails, then I disc. it out and just went for nickel and higher, still just bigger pieces of iron. At this point I've spent an hour to an hour and a half digging nothing but small and large pieces of iron, figuring everything's either to deep or already found I decided to pack it up and head head home. As I start walking back still swinging the detector i get a nice solid zinc signal at one inch. I dig it up and out pops some folded up metal, after i wipe it off a bit I notice it's a fork. Then I noticed some silver color, same base metal as a silver plated spoon I found in my yard and the same fiddle back design as well, so I figured it was a 1940's Tudor Plate Community silver plated fork, the spoon I found in my yard was a silver plated one made by that company. I just cleaned it up a bit and yes its a silver plated fork but made by a different company "TRO-SILVER Co" is stamped on the back of the fork, I've googled it and can't seem to find anything, does anyone have any information on this company? I figure its 1940's or around there, but I would like to find out more. Well story time is over kids, time for pictures lol.
Side note: Dont buy the Colman collapsible shovel either online or from walmart, it broke in the first few holes, it has great reviews online but when you put it in the dirt those reviews dont mean jack. Also when MDing make sure you have the proper foot ware lol I was up to my ankles in mud the whole time. If you wear regular ol' shoes when MDing a muddy field, you're gonna have a bad time!

back of fork marked "TRO-SILVER CO.":

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Old 12-21-2013, 09:58 PM
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I agree on the el cheapo folding shovel. I had one and it broke quick, I then found an AMES us army trench folding shovel, and it is built strong, thre the way to go for folding shovels. Looks like a fun hunt.

oldest coin= 1844 LC, Deepest coin 10.5" 1917 wheat cent

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Old 12-21-2013, 11:18 PM
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The fork is worse-looking than I expected.

At least you had a nice day for once!
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