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Old 11-06-2018, 10:05 PM
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Default Put my buddies Cap on, took 2 seats, and then st*ff got Reales!!! I guess that 4 reales is actually a 1748 French 12 Sol....

Clean up photos

My buddy and I had an impromptu detecting trip today. I was at the dentist for 2 hours and we decided even though it was late in the day we would hit some of our local spots. About 3 hours in we were demoralized and complaining a lot. It got so bad we were flipping dirt in heavy iron while the other guy pinpointed or scanned the clods. We both decided the day was over when he suggested we give it one last shot up a hill. He went up ahead of me and yelled to come up a few minutes later. He had a seated half! Wait no! A Capped Bust Half! Big silver in the middle of nowhere is always cool! He was reveling in his find and told me to take a swing. I said no and that he should check his spot for more coins. He did and then went back to enjoying his sweet find. I started orbiting the area and was finding modern !!!! here and there. I worked my way back to his spot and about 3ft... ....away got a solid 95-98 on the Deus. I told him we have more coins but I was worried it might be rolled iron giving off a false signal. Nope! It was a 4 reale, 2 reale, seated quarter, and seated dime! Sorry for the pics but for now these will have to do. Last little bit I think there are gold nuggets in the hole or at least flake. This is the second cache we have found together. Pretty awesome experience!

Deus Rules!!

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