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Old 05-21-2018, 11:21 PM
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Default AT Pro Future Upgrade????

I'm currently hunting with an AT Pro and couldn't be happier. It seems to do everything I need for the time being. I only get the chance to hunt salt water beaches a few times a year and mainly stick to the dryer sand...That being said...

I would like to acquire a solid multi-freq. machine that will handle saltwater and inland hunting. I can't help but see all the post about the Nox 600/800. Are they as good as folks are letting on or is this a thing because of the newness?

I'm not quite sold on the Nox 600 or 800 just yet, but I am intrigued. Being relatively new, about a year,to the hobby, what are other options I can look at for comparison?

Again, it will be a bit before I start seriously looking, but I want get ahead of the game and learn as much as possible about potential choices.

Like I stated, 95 % of my hunting is inland, but I do like the waterproof option. Appreciate any solid advice. Thank Ya'll for any tips/ recommendations...HH

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Old 05-22-2018, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by wvdave107 View post
what are other options I can look at for comparison?
Here is a comprehensive list of all major brand MF and PI machines. This will definately help if you are considering buying a pre-owned machine!

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Old 05-24-2018, 09:14 AM
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if your wanting to get into salt water nothing else will really do but multi frequency. Try one sometime and you will never go back!

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Old 05-24-2018, 10:24 AM
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The way the Nox is flying off the shelves I'm sure the R&D depts. at Garrett, Whites, Fisher etc have taken notice. If they don't already have something in the works I'm sure there will be before long. Guess it all depends on how long you want to wait.
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Old 05-24-2018, 11:23 AM
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nox is a poor mans machine
spend the cash and get a 3030
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Old 05-24-2018, 02:13 PM
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There are very few machines that will work well on wet salt sand or in the salt water. Most of them are far more expensive than the NOX series. A guy in our detecting club just got his 800 and was an experienced ATPro user. He is shocked to learn that he was missing tons of targets with the Pro due to the mineralization of the wet salt water sand.

A pi machine works but you will dig a ton of trash That leaves the multi freq machines like the Excalibur which is considerably more expensive.
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