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Default Big Master List

Here's a master list taken from Coin Community Forum. But be aware it includes U.S. coins we may never the $4 Stella gold coin. No one knows for sure how many exist. The history of each coin is given at that site. In any it is if anyone is interested. Hope I am not breaking any rules listing this and don't mean to hi-jack anyone's thread.

Half Cent
1793 Liberty Cap Bust Left Half Cent
1794-97 Liberty Cap Bust Right Half Cent
1800-08 Draped Bust Half Cent
1809-36 Classic Head Half Cent
1840-57 Liberty Head Braided Hair Half Cent

1793 Flowing Hair Chain Reverse Large Cent
1793 Flowing Hair Wreath Reverse Large Cent
1793-96 Liberty Cap Large Cent
1796-1807 Draped Bust Large Cent
1808-14 Classic Head Large Cent
1816-39 Liberty Head (Coronet or Matron) Large Cent
1839-57 Liberty Head Braided Hair Large Cent
1856-58 Flying Eagle Small Cent
1859-64 Indian Head Copper-Nickel Small Cent
1864-1909 Indian Head Bronze Small Cent
1909-Present Lincoln Small Cent

Two Cent
1864-73 Two Cents

Three Cent
1851-53 Type 1 Silver Three Cent Piece
1854-58 Type 2 Silver Three Cent Piece
1859-73 Type 3 Silver Three Cent Piece
1865-89 Liberty Head Nickel Three Cent Piece

Half Dime
1792 Half Disme
1794-95 Flowing Hair Half Dime
1796-97 Draped Bust Small Eagle Half Dime
1800-05 Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle Half Dime
1829-37 Capped Bust Half Dime
1837-38 Seated Liberty No Stars Half Dime
1838-59 Seated Liberty With Stars Half Dime
1853-55 Seated Liberty With Arrows Half Dime
1860-73 Seated Liberty Legend Obverse Half Dime

1866-83 Shield Nickel
1883-1913 Liberty Head (V) Nickel
1913-38 Indian Head (Buffalo) Nickel
1938 - Present Jefferson Nickel

1796-97 Draped Bust Small Eagle Dime
1798-1807 Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle Dime
1809-28 Capped Bust Large Size Dime
1828-37 Capped Bust Small Size Dime
1837-38 Seated Liberty No Stars Dime
1838-60 Seated Liberty Stars Obv Dime
1853-55 Seated Liberty With Arrows Dime
1860-91 Seated Liberty Legend Obv Dime
1873-74 Seated Liberty With Arrows Dime
1892-1916 Barber Dime
1916-45 Winged Head (Mercury) Dime
1946- Roosevelt Dime

Twenty Cent
1875-78 Seated Liberty Twenty Cent Piece

Quarter Dollar
1796 Draped Bust Small Eagle Quarter
1804-07 Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle Quarter
1815-28 Capped Bust Large Size Quarter
1831-38 Capped Bust Small Size Quarter
1838-66 Seated Liberty Without Motto Quarter
1853 Seated Liberty Arrows & Rays Quarter
1854-55 Seated Liberty With Arrows Quarter
1866-91 Seated Liberty With Motto Quarter
1873-74 Seated Liberty With Arrows Quarter
1892-1916 Barber Quarter
1916-30 Standing Liberty Quarter
1932- Washington Quarter

Half Dollar
1794-95 Flowing Hair Half Dollar
1796-97 Draped Bust Small Eagle Half Dollar
1801-07 Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle Half Dollar
1807-36 Capped Bust Lettered Edge Half Dollar
1836-39 Capped Bust Reeded Edge Half Dollar
1839-66 Seated Liberty Without Motto Half Dollar
1853 Seated Liberty Arrows & Rays Half Dollar
1854-55 Seated Liberty With Arrows Half Dollar
1866-91 Seated Liberty With Motto Half Dollar
1873-74 Seated Liberty With Arrows Half Dollar
1892-1915 Barber Half Dollar
1916-47 Walking Liberty Half Dollar
1948-63 Franklin Half Dollar
1964 - Present Kennedy Half Dollar

1794-95 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar
1795-98 Draped Bust Small Eagle Silver Dollar
1798-1804 Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle Silver Dollar
1836-39 Gobrecht Silver Dollar
1840-66 Seated Liberty Without Motto Silver Dollar
1866-73 Seated Liberty With Motto Silver Dollar
1873-85 Trade Silver Dollar
1878-1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
1921-35 Peace Silver Dollar
1971-78 Eisenhower Dollar
1849-54 Liberty Head Type 1 Gold Dollar
1854-56 Indian Head Type 2 Gold Dollar
1856-89 Indian Head Type 3 Gold Dollar

Quarter Eagle
1796-1807 Capped Bust Right Quarter Eagle
1808 Capped Bust Left Quarter Eagle
1821-34 Capped Head Left Quarter Eagle
1834-39 Classic Head Quarter Eagle
1840-1907 Liberty Head Quarter Eagle
1908-29 Indian Head Quarter Eagle

Three Dollar
1854-89 Indian Head Three Dollars

Four Dollar
1879-80 Flowing Hair & Coiled Hair Stella

Half Eagle
1795-98 Capped Bust Right Small Eagle Half Eagle
1795-1807 Capped Bust Right Heraldic Eagle Half Eagle
1807-12 Capped Bust Left Half Eagle
1813-34 Capped Head Left Half Eagle
1834-38 Classic Head Half Eagle
1839-66 Liberty Head No Motto Half Eagle
1866-1908 Liberty Head W/Motto Half Eagle
1908-29 Indian Head Half Eagle

1795-97 Capped Bust Right (Small Eagle) Eagle
1797-1804 Capped Bust Right (Heraldic Eagle) Eagle
1838-1866 Liberty Head No Motto Eagle
1866-1907 Liberty Head Liberty With Motto Eagle
1907-33 Indian Head Eagle

Double Eagle
1850-66 Liberty Head Type 1 Double Eagle
1866-76 Liberty Head Type 2 Double Eagle
1877-1907 Liberty Head Type 3 Double Eagle
1907 Saint-Gaudens High Relief Double Eagle
1907-33 Saint-Gauden Double Eagle

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This is great, thank you.

Oldest coins: 1199-1216 King John hammered (x2) / 1570s Queen Elizabeth 1 hammered
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