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Old 12-28-2016, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by aaronc View post
This thread has a lot of info related to depth in it, if you guys were gonna rank top 2-3 md's for depth on coins what would they be ??? Say from the CTX 3030 price range or less.
With proper Id,

1. minelab 3030
2.Minelab Etrac
3.minelab safari,or explorer

Without proper Id you don't know what your digging,and if your ok with that just get a Tesoro Tejon,set it up for coin check and hope it's a coin.Save you a lot of money and the same usable depth compared to fishers and deus as far as visual Id goes.

Depth isn't everything,that's a big misconception of this hobby.Most midpriced metal detectors get a good solid 8 inches with better than average identification visually.I mean how far do you wanna dig for a memorial,because it seems I find more deeper clad than I do coins that are silver or old coppers.If your not finding anything chances are it's just not there,or you need to grid search the area.
I us to be one of the guys who worried that I went over a spot with xy machine,then took zs machine back over it and found so much the other machine missed.
Don't work that way,maybe a different direction,different coil or swing speed would have found it with the first machine.Remember,nothing's ever hunted out right.
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Old 12-28-2016, 11:10 AM
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should have put this in original question but what is estimated depths ??? I know it can depend on soil type etc,..but just a general consistent average ?
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Old 12-28-2016, 11:23 AM
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thanks for all the info guys, it was a big help, I have it down to 2 detectors, few more youtube vids and i will be able to decide.,


Minelab Safari^^Garrett PP^^ BH Quick Draw II^^Lesche Digger^^and a whole lot of time

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Old 12-28-2016, 12:09 PM
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ctx and deus will hit a 12 inch silver coin in my soil no problem.Ive never owned one but they say f75 is deep too. Let me say this there are other things to consider when buying a detector than just raw depth.
recovery speed ,target id if thats your thing,weight etc.... I saw a forein job on youtube hitting a 16 or 18 inch coin ,it was a one tone machine and what looked like a garbage can lid for a coil.I have never found a coin over 11 inchs with a detector so swinging a 18 inch coil that weighs 4 pounds is not practical for me.One other thing to mention is the type of soil you will be hunting in that will affect the depth of detectors too.

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