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Old 01-11-2017, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Tlane38003 View post
.... ...
Tlane38003, question for you: In your pix, you have two identical TID readouts on an Explorer screen. Yet in one pix you're holding a tab, and in the other pix you're holding a gold ring. Right ? So I'm assuming you'd found an example of a particular type aluminum object (round tab in this case) and a particular sized gold ring, that gave the exact same readout on the screen. Right ?

And although you were using the digits system choice, the same result would have been had it used been using the Explorer's cross-hair system graph (ie.: the "x" would have landed in the same spot)

Thus a question for you: If you closed your eyes and had someone wave the objects, do you believe you could tell by SOUND alone, that there is any tonal difference ? Eg.: softness, boldness, mellowness, or ... some such audio difference ?

Because I had this debate with a dealer here in CA. Although he might admit that 2 objects (1 of gold and the other of aluminum) might have the exact same readout signature, yet he maintained there was a difference in the way they sounded.

But I'm of the opinion that insofar as two competing objects can be said to "sound" different from each other, ... well SO TOO can any two different gold rings be said to sound different from each other (despite both being gold). And so too can any two pulltabs sound slightly different than each other (if you bend one in an ever-so-slightly different angle/bend).
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Old 01-11-2017, 06:34 PM
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Yes you are correct i have other small gold rings that id like zink and sound close i cant say the sound exactly the same but close enough for me to dig

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