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Old 01-14-2022, 12:15 PM
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Default 2nd Hunt Of The Year - Barber Half

I was out on my second hunt of the year doing more curbstriping with my buddy yesterday in the local area. On our first expedition to this area, I found 4 silvers. Yesterday, the weather was great and the ground was wet. The area hunted has obviously been cherry-picked in the past, leaving mostly wheat pennies. I was fortunate to find one Indian, but everything else was wheat, with a random sampling from every decade from the teens to the 50's. In total 18 wheat pennies. Nearing the end of the day we found a strip with some enormous big leaf maple trees adjacent to a large corner lot. Bagged another wheat, then finally the first silver of the day in the form of a Rosie. Proceeded further and within minutes had recovered a nice Merc. I would have been satisfied with that result for the day at that point, and the light was beginning to wane a bit, but there was still another section that was beckoning. Near the base of one of the trees, and likely near what was once the walkway from the sidewalk to the curb, I got a great 35-36 signal on my Nox. Cut a plug, and could see a large silver rim. It was only about 4-5" down and I thought it might be a Benjamin, but on closer examination, I could see stars! Hot dog, it had to be at least a Barber. Sure enough, it was a 1906D. Well worn, but still a great find, and a wonderful way to end the day. That made a total of 7 silvers in 2 outings.

As an aside, we also met a nice gentleman and his wife where our cars were parked. He said he had some Roman coins that he had unearthed at an archaeological site in Turkey 60 years ago, and was wondering if we could help him identify the coins. My buddy has some good contacts having expertise in ancient coins, and so offered to take the coins and have them identified. We really meet the nicest people when we are out detecting and from these folks we were also able to learn more about the history of the neighborhood since they had live there for 50 years and their house was originally a local mom and pop grocery store. Needless to say, we'll be searching that curbstrip very carefully now. Thanks for looking, GL & HH.
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