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Old 10-09-2018, 09:14 PM
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Default 14 Wheats + Silver #53, 54, and 55. Two key dates!

I recently had surgery on my ear and haven't been able to wear headphones for a while. Well, I had all the stitches removed this morning and was determined to get back to detecting. I put the headphones on a little cocked to the side, but I made it work. Walked some curbstrips downtown and started up a conversation with a nice fellow that led to permission to search his yard. It's a house built in 1901 and since been renovated into a couple rental units. The yard wasn't very big, but was full of coins. 14 wheat cents, Barber dime, silver Rosie, and a beautiful Barber quarter! He said I could come back anytime. I'm going to search that little yard from all angles. Thanks for looking. Brings my silver coin total to 55 for the year.

EDIT: I just realized that both of those barbers are key dates. I'm going to take them to the coin shop and see if they have any numismatic value. Dime is 1901s and quarter is 1915s.
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2019 Totals: Clad $194.38
Wheats: 324, Silver Coins: 72, Sterling: 18
IH: 6, Buffalo/V/Shield: 6, Gold: 1!

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