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Old 10-09-2018, 11:45 AM
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Default 1st Buffalo - Scored Sideways

OK so I broke down and bought a NOX 800. Well 1/2 of one anyway as my family as a present paid for the other half. So, I've had the last 5 days off and been out for some short hunts with it just trying to get a feel of the machine.

Yesterday I get this high pitched wobbly tone in wet sand and out pops a watch. Nothing unusual about that but on closer inspection the face of the watch has embedded in it a buffalo nickle. Its been on my bucket list but thought my odds of digging one in Hawaii were not very good. Thought I'd have to visit family on the mainland to have a shot at digging one. Every park and school yard here in Hawaii has been pounded for decades not to mention the rules against digging in those places.

As to the rest of it, in the last 5 days I've scored 1 small silver, 1 small 14k gold signet and something I'm not sure of. Its a ring, bi-metal, heavy and I thought it was gold/platinum (found a couple of those in the past) but it has no markings on the band at all. Gonna have to test this ring to find out its pedigree. Could it be unmarked tungsten?

What I've learned about the NOX 800,dig everything. Why you ask? because from experience gold will sound off on the TDI some where between 1 and 18. Not much help ID'ing a find in the sand. Case in point the small signet band I dug came in at 11-12 on the NOX while my tri-color gold band comes in at a solid 17 but my wife's 18K wedding band trips the meter at a solid 4. So it looks like I'll be digging a lot of trash along with everything else.
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2019 Totals: Clad $120
Rings: 0 Plat. - Gold 7 - Silver 9
Machines: Whites Dual Field, Garrette's AT Pro, Fisher CZ-21, and finally gave up and bought a NOX 800

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