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Old 03-20-2019, 05:19 PM
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Default Did I just copper plate a buffalo nickel??

It's raining. Figured I'd take a day off from detecting the newly thawed ground so that I don't do five in a row and make my wife think I'm really nuts. So...with nothing better to do I decided to try cleaning some of my nickels. I'm not a coin collector, so "ruining" them doesn't bother me; I'm just trying to make them more visually appealing. I've screwed up some things in the past trying different methods of cleaning, so I tried one to start with. Used white vinegar and salt, which apparently when combined create hydrochloric acid (and added a wad of aluminum foil because I read about someone doing that somewhere). Didn't take any pictures to start out with, but they were "dug" nickels; some better than others. A couple were all sorts of bad with green concretions, some just orange or brown. I took them out and rinsed and wiped them every so often, and removed them when I was at good gray. Then I rubbed them on a green scrubbie to shine up the details. Was pretty pleased with the results.

I have another batch brewing now. After about an hour I took them out and got aggressive (scrubbed lightly with a brass brush) and put 'em back. I put in one of my three Shield nickels this time too. If that turns out nicely, I may do my last three nickels (which are photographed). I'm nervous about doing my stars n' rays nickel though, it's such a beauty as is....

Since I didn't take "before" photos, I looked through my other photos to locate some I took of them in the field (I didn't photo the crustier ones when I was hunting as they weren't photogenic....). Don't know which are which, but all the nickels you see in the countertop photos are all the Buffalo, V and Shield nickels I've found.
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