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Old 10-12-2018, 01:28 AM
marcomo marcomo is offline
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732 silvers, 3755 wheaties plus about 50-75 that haven't been tumbled, oiled and thrown into the wheat bucket yet.

So a little over 5 to 1 for me.

I haven't kept detailed enough records to say what percentage of my total coins are silver. In Michael Chaplan's seminal 1992 book The Urban Treasure Hunter, he said that 4.5% of his total coins dug were silver and 26.5% of his total coins were wheaties. Wish we still had those 1992 ratios...and I wish I wouldn't have waited until the second half century of my life to start this great hobby!
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Old 10-12-2018, 11:10 AM
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Never kept count, but I seem to dig a considerable larger amount of wheats than silver, but as someone said on the first page wheat pennies are a sign of old money, and silver is probably around. The last 2 silvers I have dug.......(2) mercuries have been in the same whole with wheats. Keep digging when you flip that plug and find silver you will want to do a dance!!!!
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Old 10-13-2018, 08:00 AM
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Default My last hunt in the trashy old spot

2 to 1 ratio for me .
I enjoyed reading the responses to your post.
I have not been hunting that many years but as of the last few years my ratio has been two to one .
I think the fact that I primarily hunt public parks and generally only hunt for a couple hours at a time makes me a bit more of a cherry picker. Staying on older dirt means less available high conductors due to the location being popular in the past to hunters.
I do not want to leave lot of plugs behind after a hunt in these areas in a single hunt . For me to go in and hopefully save a couple silver and go home is a good hunt . This is why I think my 2 to 1 ratio is so tight.
As I switch to a little woods hunting or if I get into a less manicured hunting site or I have a longer hunting day planed my target window opens up and I'll dig more wheaties.

Mylast shorter hunt produced about 10 wheats and I had 3 silvers . This site is heavily hunted and heavily littered with trash nails and 22 casings. Again an old site the holds a few Indian heads and such so I dig any repeatable coin target I can squeak out of the clutter . Every Coin recovered comes out of a hole with a couple nails and or other junk . A penny signal or even lower zink penny or Indian level conductor can turn into a silver recovery very often.
Good post !
This season it is currently 215 wheats to 114 silvers with about 165.00 in clad . Prior to the last couple years my ratio was higher but my clad totals were twice as much as I find these days also. Again now staying on older dirt with silver potential most often now.
now what to do with our wheaties? That's my question 🙂
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Minelab ETrac & Tesoro V , 2019 YTD Totals, Silver= 27
925=2, WP = 53, CL = 51.66

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Old 10-13-2018, 10:20 AM
Stiffwrists Stiffwrists is offline
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Around 5 to 1 since I started detecting a year and a half ago. Something like 450 wheats to 85 silver coins. My ratio is much better if I counted silver rings and other sterling.

Equinox 800, AT MAX, ACE 350, Garrett Carrot, Lesche
2019 Totals: Clad $194.38
Wheats: 324, Silver Coins: 72, Sterling: 18
IH: 6, Buffalo/V/Shield: 6, Gold: 1!

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