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Old 08-12-2017, 01:20 PM
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Question 2 mornings, 6 rings...2 r marked 14k, but only one looks real

I got a couple minor low tide hunts in this week. Out Thursday morning I found that the Gulf was very bumpy...I was fooled by the beach cam,lol. Tried to go in the water past the breaking waves, but only got pushed around while trying to dig few targets that were mostly coins, the exception was the Monet/junk bracelet and the AO, American Optical Aviators, that I v-shaped the one side arm, but after straightening it out they are good to go, no scratches on the glass lenses.. The sand was mushy from the waves pulling sand off the beach so I hit the slope and found 3 rings in 45 minutes, one 14k gold 5.5g band, a stainless and a kids junker. Lots of greenies and "Felix Pennies" where found in the water and on the washed down slope.
Out this morning on the low again at the same beach, thinking I'll hit the slope again, but found the water was much calmer, so, moving in and out of the water I got a mixture of trash, coin and more junk jewelry. First ring find was a Tungsten that truly looks beat up, followed by a questionably marked 14k,2.2g with stones. The stones look milky/washed out and do not test as diamonds, and the acid test on the stone holds at 10k, but not 14k....But, when I file into the band, the 14k acid does not burn it up.??? I think it looks plated! Thanks for looking, GL.
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