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Old 08-28-2012, 05:34 PM
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Default Seeing people detecting is like seeing people doing reading

Seeing people while out detecting is like seeing people reading in public. Not that often not that many people are doing it compairedto the number of people that go swimming or playing golf. I just seen the tread again asking how often you see people out detecting.

Place in public are hit all the time and have been for maybe 40 or more years yet we still find a lot of old stuff. Unless a park was set up by someone in 10 by 10 foot blocks and done really well they are going to miss things and others will continuly miss them they are not easy to detect at any higher speed than slow and listening for the sound and working the signal to locate it. It use to be that if you got a signal that wasn't consistent you ignored it. Well later on it would move to a new position and be easier to detect and be found. Targets near junk get masked eventually the junk is removed and the good one can be dtected under or near it. People are in a hurry and don't always go over their hole or the coin got tipped on end and their ability to detect it ended and they covered it up and left or people would dig it out and not see it and sweep it back in the hole with the dirt for the next guy. Lots of reasons for coins still in worked out parks. From the park to the next kind of place a old school same thing and so on. I have been in so many worked out places by clubs and such and still get a sliver now and then . then you take the home property that you get "my son did it with a good detector" well same thing only not many have been there detecting. Now you get to a place someone really good at detecting had hit many times and you get nothing. If your going to get something you better have the best and know how to use it there.
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