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Old 02-14-2021, 06:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View post
You were playing Russian Roulette with that. Because, let's just say someone, who answered your email, had whimsically decided "no". Then guess what happens ? : That same desk-jockey (who perhaps never gave the matter a moment's thought prior to that), guess what will happen the NEXT time he happens to pass by the yard , and see another md'r ? He'll remember the earlier inquiry and think "Aha! there's one of *them*". And start booting others.
I was a lurker on FMDF for three years prior to joining, and having read hundreds upon hundreds of threads, and I knew without a doubt that my post would be responded to by Tom_in_CA. In fact, I would have been somewhat disappointed if it hadn't.

Well, that "someone" was the superintendent of schools, who does in fact have the authority to say "yea or nay" to anyone being on school property. Knowing this, I sent my request directly to the person having said authority, rather than some desk-jockey. Besides, if my request had been denied, I would rather it be denied by the person who actually has the authority to do so, not some monkey on a zero turn mower, who simply assumes authority that he does not have. In which case, permission denied, at which point the superintendent would wholeheartedly back up the decision made by the school employee, though this individual is without possession of said authority.

I have read many of your posts, Tom, and by and large tend to agree with what you have to say regarding public property, and agree wholeheartedly in regards to public parks. However, given the day and age that we live in, what with school shootings, abductions, and human trafficking just to name a few, I feel that it is imperative to go through the proper channels to acquire permission to detect school property, though technically, yes, it is public property.

I for one, would certainly not want to be mistaken for any of those type of individuals mentioned above, either by the police, or school officials. I would hope that if the question were to arise, that the written permission I carry in my pocket while detecting the local school grounds, would at least identify me as someone who is authorized to be on the grounds by the appropriate individual who carries that authority and responsibility, rather than to be perceived as a threat.

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