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Old 11-09-2017, 02:02 PM
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Default My F75 experience

Quick background, and Ill try to be brief. I live on a farm with a house that is circa 1900, with a second older home site dating back to the 1830's. Nothing left above ground of those older buildings. Started detecting two years ago, began with Bounty Hunter pioneer, upgraded to Land Ranger Pro. Was satisfied, found some great stuff, but got the idea it was all "low handing fruit." The areas I detect are littered with iron and I thought there may be some great stuff hiding in the iron that my detectors are not finding. I decided to upgrade, and as you all know the new choices are bewildering. I finally flipped a coin (pun intended) and went with the F75.

Being the high IQ guy I am, I decided to rid myself of all the iron in the area first. Went to all metal mode, turned up sensitivity to 99, and went at it. One hour, ten lineal feet, 15 dug holes, and 38 pieces of iron later, I decided may be there was a better way. (I are a quick learner) Off to this site, Youtube, ect, to educated myself. Armed with advice from detectorists way smarter than myself, I returned with a new strategy. I went to discrimination mode, sensitivity at 60, discriminated out low iron (up to about 10) As if by magic, I was suddenly getting good hits in areas where I had gone over many times with the Bounty Hunter. It was amazing

I guess the moral of my story is that I found the F75 to be an extremely sensitive machine, and you can literally overpower your site. At the settings I mentioned I was digging up coins (all clad thus far) up to 8 inches, shotgun shells up to ten, and a strange cache of 15 round edged school sissors, all in an area I thought I had hunted out. I have yet to venture to the old house site yet, but that should be fun. I am very impressed with the F 75. Is this similar to others experiences? Any more tips would be greatly appreciated, and if you are near Ohio, send me a message, I could use help hunting these areas
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Old 11-09-2017, 05:34 PM
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Yep, as much as the newer whiz-bang detectors are supposed to be good in iron owners of the detectors on this platform, the F75/F70/T2/Patriot, have always known about the abilities all of these have in iron infested sites.
Tons of different ways to do it too and many use the different ways and settings to be successful as wildly different as they might be.
I myself use all metal with the sense pushed to max a lot and learned a different language that took hours to get good at but eventually found a way to target most non ferrous targets at will in an ocean of iron.
I call it the blast-through method and it works unusually well in not only iron infested sites but highly mineralized dirt too.,2322233

The fact is that on this platform higher gain actually has better resolution around iron than lower, not so much on other detectors and brands but on this one it is true.

This is a method that many have found works very well and has been known for a long time first put down on paper by Tom Dankowski, NASA Tom and a real scientist that has explored the inner workings of this detector to some very deep levels.
Called the disc 6 and monotone method...although I have used this also but usually turn the disc down to 1 or 0 because of the experience I have had hunting in all metal.,2251

Plus there are other owners that use different settings, some using multi tones or different programs built really doesn't matter how you do it as long as the end result is the same, more treasure in your collection.

You have found one way, try a few others sometime and practice them a bit and you may or may not like another way even better.
Practice makes perfect and the more arrows you have in the quiver the more options you will have for any given site.
Not that you are doing bad at are just starting to understand the power and abilities of this fine tool.

"The road to success is always under construction."

Currently hunting with an F70, a Mojave and a borrowed Red Racer.
Plus a Nox 800.

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Old 11-10-2017, 03:22 PM
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Something that you don't find every day, 15 scissors, do you suppose there could of been a school of some kind there at one time.
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Old 11-10-2017, 09:06 PM
joey786 joey786 is offline
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I just recently purchased an f75 SE and I'm well impressed with it. This machine sniffed out two more v nickels from a place I'v detected 100s of times or more with detectors in the past, a site that I had given up on. I was stunned when I found them. One thing that helped me is that I had the user manual almost memorized word for word lol while waiting for the detector to arrive, I read every thing I could find on the net about this detector so when I got it, I had a head start. It seemed complicated at first but learned it quick. I sort of settled on the mono 1 tone setting with disc at 6 and sensitivity at 80 when I'm at old home sites. Havn't been to a junky modern park with it yet. This is a spectacular machine, hands down the best I'v ever owned. Good luck and find the Gold and silver.
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