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Well...I dry sand a lot and use the 11"dd on the end of a F70...I also use a small bucket light dry sand scoop with about a 3' handle...Dry sanding is a specialty...You will get in shape if you are not already, you will find its a lot cooler to go early in the morning before Sun-up when theres no crowds and you wont get so overheated...

The only other item you will need is a finds pouch, even a cheap little nail apron from the Home depot is fine, thats all I use to this day...You have to be comfortable, loose shirt, shorts, barefoot is how I like to go about on the dry sand...Havnt stepped on any glass yet thankfully...easy 1000 miles of barefoot hunting on the doubt 400 per year when I add it all up on my standard beaches season...June/July/Aug

Then you work the towel lines and travel zones and the little private areas off to the prevailing downwind side from the beach entrance...You can fling a 12'arc with a fast recovery light weight F rig if you sort of stoop over and wide leg it and swing with your body...this is for the towel line, down and back, covering 24' of productive area fast....dig will be finding wallets and cash and cellphones...dope pipes, all sorts of things..

Its a lot of walking and swinging coil so you have to settle into a steady easy effortless ergonomic pattern or the dry sand will flat wear you out! I cant imagine attempting it with a heavier unbalanced rig or large heavy scoop of any sort...Good Luck and report back!


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