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I'll just throw this out here since you are a well regarded good guy and great friend here on the Forum...JimHenrys examples got me thinking...Regarding Public speaking or asking people permission face to face...

People do not really HEAR what you are saying, they moreso observe your body language and passion about what you are talking about...they evaluate your sincerity and trusthworthiness through eye contact, these things you cannot fake or should even attempt......

If you exude passion, People actually are looking for a reason to help you..stuttering is not a detriment in these regards, in fact, it is a positive...The listener knows you are overcoming a great personal fear and feel a kindredness and willingness to assist, since they have been there too...

Public speaking is commonly considered a fate worse than death...Lots of studies have been done about it...Most people rank it right up there with the most horrible fears a Human could have, and some would rather be killed than be forced into it...Ask me how I know...

Except for shysters and Politicians, we are all awkward and unpracticed and nervous when talking to a stranger...It just takes a bit of this may be your opportunity to start out on mastering it...

This is exactly why Salesmen make pretty good money for doing about nothing, they have mastered and overcome the natural fear Humans have regarding talking to other people...If you genuinely like people, have an empathetic spirit, which you already have, you are two steps ahead of the skill already! Just start in talking and let the conversation flow taking into consideration the listeners well being as primary, and you are merely a helper...things work out easy then...This is how I overcame my fear....."I'm here to help"....

FWIW, One of the most recognized voices of our time, James Earl Jones, had a horrible stuttering...He focused up and mastered it...This is what you have to do for your Future, and that means you have to practice until you overcome this fear...It aint about the stuttering, its about the FEAR...Look at how nervous Lance and Andy were but still got that old crazy Farmers permission!

..Nobody wants to hurt you or anything...You are simply here to help, learn, and be involved....I dont know anybody who would say no to that?..even if they did, you got in some great practice so you still came out a winner!


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