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Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View post
x-terra70, since this fence (to public land mind-you) seems unbreachable any other way, I'd say you did a very good job at phrasing that request.

However, I would not mail it. Much better to bump into them in person, with a big smile. Like when the location has open hours to the public. Or at one of their heritage site meetings. While you casually regale them with your knowledge of the history. After chit-chat, hand it to them personally.

Because, otherwise, if you mail it, then all-too-often, people treat such things as junk mail solicitations. So whenever asking permission, I always try to do it in person. Not a cold call or email or letter.
I see what you're tying to say, but I'm horrible at speaking on the spot, and when I speak to strangers, I sometimes get nervous and stutter. . Secondly, this lady is not always at her house, there're are mostly other employees there, so it'd be hard to meet her there, and thirdly, there is very little information on this society online. Not even an address where their meetings are. All there is, is a mailing address, a phone number, an email address and who the treasurer and secretary is. So probably the best way to contact is either a call or an email. And if they're really motivated about saving history, then they'll show interest in my offer, regardless if mailed or spoken directly. Plus I've added my phone number so she can contact me if she likes.

Originally Posted by Mud-puppy View post
Nice layout, succinct, no grammatical errors...A+++!

Maybe put in there you are an active Member in good standing of the FMDF as well as an honorary member of the DMDC? Perhaps include a picture of yourself with your gear so they know you aint a wierdo?
Maybe say you are a Student? Interested in the districts history and all things outdoorsy? A good Honest Bloke who should be encouraged and given a pass...Those are all true right?
Thanks Mud! DMDC, I wonder where that came from? Not sure if I want to add a picture (she could search me up on Facebook), but I might add that I'm a student and interested in local history (and that's all correct).

Originally Posted by Mud-puppy View post
Face to face...really the best way for gaining permissions of any sort...Especially if you can get a well regarded and familiar somebody that has some 'Trust through Transference' to kick the doors down with the right people, thats really the way to go...find yourself a local highly regarded Patron who will vouch for you and lend you their hard earned Trust through Transference if you can...

Just like trapping a big section as I used to do, you get the right Rancher to vouch for you, and everyone in his 'circle of influence' will grant you access...

No big secret... Basically just being a good happy and helpful guy with a love for Life and being outdoors finding interesting things...People like that, you are a curiosity that adds adventure to their life through yours and not just another taker......

You gotta ask though...get the right people involved and state your case honestly and passionately....face to face...Its very cool you are doing this..a great and important Life Lesson...You will make some great friends and who knows where this will lead for you? You will hear some awesome stories from the Community Elders if you take the time to listen...I know you are that kind of person XT...
Thanks for those kind words! I've mentioned before up top, that even though face-to-face is probably the best way to ask, I don't speak very confidently to strangers, and that I have no clue where their meetings are held, because I couldn't find an address anywhere (except for a mailing address)

Originally Posted by Scooterjim View post
How much is the paid admission? Just pay it and start detecting. If they kick you out demand your money back.
Doesn't cost much, entry is by donation so maybe a dollar or two. But the thing is, if they kick me out, then it will likely be harder to ask for permission afterwards, because they'll probably be like "isn't this the guy who was digging up the place two weeks ago, and that we asked to leave?" Definitely wouldn't look good, but I see what you're trying to say.


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