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Originally Posted by Detector View post
.... but! I might add that ALL sites deemed "historical" are protected by Federal laws and makes no difference if there is or isn't a local state/city law......
Detector: Please tell us where you are getting this statement. If you're thinking of ARPA, then no. That does not subrogate down to state, county, and city. Oh sure you might FIND some archie that THINKS it does (they hate md'rs after all). But no, it does not logically follow. If you have some proof to the contrary, I would love to see it.

And also, even if what you're saying is true: What would qualify a place as "historical" ? Any place that an old object coin or artifact could potentially be dug ? Because , again, if you're relying on the downward subrogation of ARPA to bolster what you are asserting, then: We would have to assume that you can't find coins older than 50 yrs. on any form of public land.

But a simple look down the pages of ANY forum's show & tell pages, shows lots of hobbyists finding old coins on public land . Gasp how can that be ? Hence ..... something's not clicking with your statement.

Look forward to your reply.
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