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Originally Posted by spenglure View post
Awesome post, pics and story. I like that you post pics of all the trash targets to put everything into perspective. Nice job.
Thanks Spenglure

Originally Posted by TK-421 View post
That is truly epic Ronon-senpai! Wow!

So much work! You must be so tired and sore!
I just hunted 4 nights in a row for the first time ever and I feel completely beat up! And I just barely hit the 15 hour mark.

I totally recognize some of those silvers! The T&Co Atlas is exactly like the one I found a while back, as well as one of those silver feather pendants. Must be popular stuff!

And all that clad-- holy cow. The totals on clad alone have got to be over ichi-man, right? That's fantastic!

Also-- you cleaned that 50cal casing so well! I've got a bunch of those that i've never even attempted cleaning-- what did you use? Forgive my complete ignorance, but are there ever any dangerous parts left over in old rounds like that? Like if I find one intact would it be dangerous to run electrolysis on it? I seriously don't know the first thing about firearms (new or old), so I'm vaguely wary.

Anyhow-- seriously congrats! Amazing work out there!
Thanks TK You mad girl 4 night hunts in a row most I ever did was three 5-6 hour night hunts with work during the day. Had to stay at home on the forth night due to hallucinations on the last night’s drive home

Yeah was a bit worse for wear, was totally exhausted. Took me a week of sleeping and eating as much as possible before I could even think about going for another hunt Got off light the only pain was from my stone bruised feet

I put that 50cal in the rock tumbler for a few hours with stainless steel polishing shot. A fired round like that is safe, you can see it’s empty and in my last pic of it end on you’ll see an indentation in the center. That means the primer has been struck and fired.
Intact ammo (even if found in deep water) I wouldn’t put anywhere near electrolysis or a tumbler. Me personally I’d hand it in to the local police, unfired corroded ammo is just not worth the risk keeping.

The best bet for ammo that you’re not sure about is to post pics in the forum asking for advice or find someone near you with experience and knowledge in ammunition, got to be a marine close to where you live

Originally Posted by bootyhound View post
Must have been pullin them in hand over fist... tighten up the hernia belt and back the Brinks truck right place ,right time.. gotta be there when the vault opens and you were..congrats. . I would have to invest in a quart of muscle rub after that marathon. ..
Thanks Bootyhound, yeah sometimes was stuck in the same spot for up to 20min coins everywhere, think I was finished take a step or two back and swing finding more do it again and more kick the sand around and yet more

Originally Posted by GroundSweeper View post
Man love, LOVE, the pics. The rectangular trash pics are awesome. Wow, digger extraordinary! Love the gold too of course, and the silver as well. Awesome seeing you back posting!
Thanks GS, starting to like trash art, wonder if someone would buy a limited edition signed print

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