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Default Love this Website!!!!!!

This is by far the best MD'ing Website on the net!!!I love all the stories and pics on the sitemap.I just started MD'ing a few weeks ago but have wanted to do it since I was a child but my parents couldn't afford to get me a good detector.I started with a BH 505 and have since sold it and moved to the Garrett line.So far since starting a couple weeks ago I have found several clad quarters,several dimes and newer pennies.I also found a really old horseshoe and a boat tag.I haven't found any gold or silver yet.I have a there a such thing as a ghost signaL??I have noticed that sometimes my detector will show a really solid signal(shows $.50 on the ID) but when I dig over 7-8 inches I still can't locate the target.Not sure if it is really deep but I have had several of these and never found anything.After digging that deep and running the coil over it again it still sounds off like a good signal.Any info would be appreciated.Keep this great site going for all us loyal detectorist!!!!

Say Hello to Gloria and Baby Boy in the pic with me.

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