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Originally Posted by FliesOnly View post you guys are saying that people playing soccer on a field designed for the playing of soccer would be denied permission to play soccer on said field if they had first asked ask permission to play soccer? Somehow I have my doubts....
Flies-only : If the soccer players asked : "Hi. Can we play soccer ?" they would be told "yes". Because, ... it's a soccer field after all. Eh ?

But that would be asking the question in the wrong format . Instead they need to ask "Hi, can I tear up the soccer field with my cleats ?". Then they would be told "no".

So to apply this to md'ing : It is a little un-like soccer , to the mental connotations . No one makes the "cleat" connotations, when tasked with granting permission to soccer players. Right ? But md'ing, on-the-other-hand, DOES carry a connotation of "digging" or "holes". Right ? Even though, truth be told, each hobby/sport does equal damage.

Thus all we're saying is: Just like the soccer people .... or someone who takes a piss behind a bush "doesn't ask permission", so-too should the md'r not think he "needs permission" to do his activity. As long as it's not expressly specifically disallowed, that is.
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