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Default Bottles & Marbles Anyone?

A few days back my son Jason had his metal detector out and found some old tin cans. He started digging and unearthed these 3 pharmacy bottles. He lives in the gold rush country of Northern California and is quite proud of these bottles! He also dug up these old marbles with the bottles, and the 4 pictured separately are magnetic, they are clinging together in this picture! Does anyone know the best way he can sell some of them?
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The Good Lord has led me to; one 1890-cc silver dollar, 1 Barber quarter, 1 mint Standing Liberty quarter, 10 silver washington quarters, 5 Standing Liberty half's, 4 Buffalo nickels, 2 V nickels, 3 Barber dimes, 43 Mercury dimes, 33 Roosevelt dimes, $835 clad, 7 gold rings, 14 silver rings, 3 returned gold wedding bands

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