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Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View post
Haha, you're sounding like my hunting buddy. He has the same attitude of "let them stay huddled and safe in their sand-boxes". If they feel the need grovel, or consider ANY catch-all boiler plate stuff "might apply", then ... heck, that's just more for us.

In fact, when we do long distance travel to detect, sometimes it boggles our minds the type virgin spots we find. When we'd simply have assumed that the "locals probably already hoover-vacc'd it". (Since, the spots are no secret to the history books). Yet lo & behold, we've found some places were not slammed. And all we can figure is: Local folks were probably timid. Couldn't get the red-carpets rolled out for them, so they simply didn't hit it ?

Very true Tom, my best spot last year fits that perfect.

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