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Originally Posted by ChrisMD View post
I detect schools all over Anne Arundel County, stop asking for permission. Itís public land with no explicitly stated prohibition on detecting. I detect summers and weekends and have never had a problem.

You can join a local club in order to get a permit for Baltimore parks. I detect Anne Arundel County parks because there is no law or code against it. Some county dweeb tacked on a list of rules on a website that included no detecting, but there is no ordinance/law/code to back it up. In 5 years Iíve had no issues, and park personnel come up to me al, the time to see what Iíve found. AACO cops stop all the time to look in the finds bags, both at parks and schools. But we all have to do what we think is right in this regard. Iíve been chased off of public property also, like the old hospital in Crownsville that now belongs to the County, but thatís more because the druggies use it as a doping spot. I just leave and go back another time. I also donít use a shovel in public, and if it is high traffic area I put on a safety vest and people probably think Iím looking for utility lines.

With that said, this area is active with detectorists and theyíve been through all public land like locusts. The best detecting youíll find is permissions, and itís easy to get around here. I have way more yesís than noís.
I'm in California and hunt schools and parks .Schools on Sat/Sun.

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