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Originally Posted by Dave_e View post
Pretty sure the Ace 250 doesn't have an all metal mode.
It has no threshold, no manual ground balance, and only creates 3 digital sounds. (I had the Ace 350 and loved it for a first detector.)

You can set it so it doesn't mute any tones, but I think it only has a disc circuit.
I HAVE one! It is MOTION a/m. It gives a low grunt on nails, paper clips, etc. No, it doesn't have a threshold based, wavering, true a/m mode because of a preset g/b. So if you're hell bent on finding gold flakes-or iron flakes, for that matter-no it doesn't do that. But yeah- you will find iron and tiny gold that falls in that range. I enjoy that mode because it's smoother than a pure, threshold based a/m, although in iron laden trashy areas the low grunts are annoying. FWIW, Relics mode is awesome-just enough disc to rid small iron- but not enough for larger nails- which give low grunt.
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