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Originally Posted by deezdrama View post
Well.... ended up buying a like new vaquero from a dealer for price of a new mojave.
Wont be as easy as a starter machine but will be able to grow into it I guess.

I should be able to get more depth with this for relic hunting in fields but how will it do on small jewelry. ...still capable?

Anyone sell aftermarket stickers? I dont like the purple lol.
After I got the thing set up and ground balanced I pretty much just used it the same way as my Compadre.
I am a thumber....I get signals at low disc and thumb way up then back down and listen close to exactly how the targets come in to figure them out.
A game I have played since day one and how I enjoy hunting.
Do it long enough and you become way faster at this than you might believe but many just set the thing somewhere and dig everything that beeps.
Any way you like to do it is all works.

Just has a few more knobs on this one, that's all, pretty capable on most targets and should be very deep set regular, supertuned or in all metal.

On most jewelry it should be fine, rings, medallions, most chains and whatever.
On the really tiny stuff like earring backs and the tiniest thinnest chains you will probably want a sniper coil for that.
I loved the 5.75" concentric sniper but many like using he DD widescan too.

The purple never bothered me, the housing is so small anyway.
I covered mine up with special accessories that seemed to help.
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