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Default Garrett AT-Gold

Originally Posted by deezdrama View post
I started out with a $65 bounty hunter tracker iv about 5 years ago.
I used it and a pinpointer a few times back then and found a few coins (just newer clad) and a fake gold earring. I really wanted to get into the hobby but didnt have much free time and felt stupid out there by myself and didnt have anyone to go with.

Fast forward several years and my son is now 10 and been bugging me for days for a detector.
Unfortunately I sold the tracker iv to a buddy for $20 last year so had to go buy another one for him yesterday from hobby lobby for $65 (40% off coupon)
He seen me watching aussie gold hunters and that gave him the bug to get one.
I explained to him he would not find gold and that he might have to dig 1000 trash items before finding something really nice like older 90% silver coins.

I would love to do some prospecting and would shell out the money for some nice gear but sadly live in Illinois. What surprised me was I read from several online sources that the river I live by is one of only 3 places in Illinois where gold was recorded being found (dropped glacier gold)

Now I know it sounds crazy but the river that gold has been found at - I am pretty familiar with as Ive done a bunch of canoing and fishing there and thinking about getting a machine again since I have a hunting partner now (my son)
I know it will be next to impossible to find any gold and that if found it would probably be flake sub gram stuff but the river has a really old turn of the century bottle plant off the river where ive found cool stuff before and know people used to work there in late 1800s early 1900s so might get lucky and find some 90% silver.

Long story short....
I was thinking about a tesoro compadre....solid machine,no screen to distract me and can learn to listen but dont know if it would hit small gold if It was there. Then thought about the tesoro lobo but read that the gold bug 2 might be better. Ive been doing alot of reading and listened to a 3 hour podcast today with Nathan on it from tesoro and am really leaning torwards a tesoro but open to other options.

I dont want to spend too much incase I dont stick with the hobby but would like a gold capable machine that could also do well on jewelry and coins.

Any thoughts?
AT- Gold would be perfect/ nice 5x8 coil with great dept
any Questions
call Dennis

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