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Hey good replies everyone - I think its a matter of choice of words really.
It can be awfully easily on forums like this to say things in a tone that really wasn't meant.

Face to face, this can be immediatly clarified, but on forums those words can and do simmer with some folks who have perceived to have taken critisim [real, implied or imagined], and things can get personal.

Soooo ... Tonys got a valid point. Sometimes views and statements that differ from what we think and/or know to be the truth must be challenged and set straight - And theres no reason why this can't take the form of a constructive debate, where everone who reads will be the winner.

If we just kept out mouths shut lest we run the risk of offending anyone even slightly, this particular forum will serve no purpose at all.
Things can and do get out of hand, yes this is true, and I suppose that is what mods are for - And people should generally have the intellegence and common sense not to use buzz phrases that are patently offending like "POS" "piece of junk" wouldn't donate it to a dog pound" ect.

People, when they are considering a purchase of 100's of $$$, owe it to themselves to do their homework first - Be it a cell phone, computer, vehicle, mp3 player or metal detector.

They should certainly not take any one piece of advice as gospel, but rather use it as a peice in a puzzle which, when completed with various opinions and reviews, will make up their mind.

Anyones who detector gets somewhat slammed in these opinions I suppose should fire back with their views, and as long as things are kept civil, once again, everyones the winner.

Often times the basic truth between two opposing views is somewhere in the middle.
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