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I have seen on here where someone DID ask for an opinion on a Detector. The response was an honest opinion in my opinion. For that the person in question was slammed by several people. Unfairly in my opinion. He was asked for his opinion....He gave it and a lot of people here didn't like that. I thought it was unfair and ridiculous. (But hey, that's just my opinion).

What about opinion bashing? Is that allowed? It must be because it happens quite often with nothing being said about it.

One person asks for an opinion.....Another person gives an opinion.....Then a third person starts the same old **** about detector bashing and then the thread gets off topic and we get away from what it was the first person asked in the first place. It gets pretty frustrating.

When asked for their opinion a person should be able to state their honest opinion even if they think a certain detector is JUNK because that is their honest opinion and that is what was asked for. If anyone ever says anything personal about a the PERSON for buying a certain detector they should be removed from this forum.

I think we should all be respectfull towards each other but if you say something bad about one of my detectors I'm not gonna cry about it. Not only that but I have a hard time even considering that offensive.

This forum is about detectors. The good the bad and the ugly of it. If we start making it so politically correct here that honest opinions can't be tolerated then all we have done is degraded a perfectly good forum.

I'll shut up now

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