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I'm trying really hard to stay out of this one and might wish I had. I have to ask the same question as Tony, where is the line between Bashing and Advice?
Is this to say if someone was to ask what machine would suit their hunting needs better, the Garrett* Ace 250 or the White's Prizm IV and I said my preference would be the White's and listed the pros and cons I would be Bashing the Garrett? No, I'm bashing nothing, I'm simply explaining why I like one over the other.
For an example and I know I shouldn't but here goes:
Originally Posted by Cfmct-PI Maybe we should come up with a list of detectors not to buy, such as the chinese ones.
Now would this be a bash toward people owning Chinese Detectors?

Lets face it, this is a Metal Detecting Forum and we talk Metal Detectors, among other things. If anyone has a problem hearing simple criticism if their model is mentioned then I'd say it is a personal problem they have to deal with.

In all my post to this nature I almost always state, "In My Opinion" or "My Personal Preference" and I never give either unless asked. Does this make me guilty of bashing?

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