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Originally Posted by TonyinCT I agree. So is it safe to say that if someone asks about X brand detector and how deep will it go and someone who says they use one states " I can and am finding coins at 12 to 14 "! " and you know for a fact that it doesn't , is it OK to state the "honest" answer that " There is no way that this detector will do that." ? Or is that statement "bashing" ? I'm trying to understand where honest answers and information ends and "bashing" begins .
I wouldn't call someone a liar, but I would say from the information you've gathered from XXX, the detector is estimated to reach up to XXX inches. Maybe the user believes they are pulling coins that deep, or maybe the ground conditions allow the detector to reach that far. I don't know. And as far as depth, I haven't seen anything defining the max depth on a machine, including mine.! Just present the facts as you know them without exageration, etc... That's all anyone can do. I think people generally try to offer as much help and information as they can.

The idea here is to avoid derogatory comments regarding different brand detectors. Consider each and every detector a good detector, just with different features. Remain positive.! !


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