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Joe G, You are absolutely right!

My thinking has been rather screwed up the past few days. I came down with what appeared to be a nasty but routine virus on Monday. By Tuesday, it developed into a fever over 104*. By Wednesday I was seeing what appeared to be significant swelling and bruising all over. I was unable to stand without excruciating pain, and could hardly walk. This "virus" also included a severe vascular infection. I was put on massive antibiotics on Thurs. with the possibility of hospitalization by Friday AM. The Anti's are doing their job, and I'm now on the mend. With all of the pills I was poppin, and the effect of the "virus" , my thoughts are still being "collected". My wife says I was babbaling and making no sense Tuesday night. I remember knowing what to say, but not how to say it. Thank God that it's becomming a memory now!!!!

This is one NASTY mother that not only knocks you down, but makes you feel like you were worked over by a gang with baseball bats. The docs have not seen this till now.

Better days and warm weather are comming!!!!!

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