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Default Minelab settings

I've only had my Exp II since Christmas so I'm still pretty new at it. I tried all the suggested setups including IM -16 - got nowhere. I couldn't relate to the cursor position all that well and digging every target (suggested by a lot of folks) where I hunt would be great if I was a scap metal dealer. I found the digital readout tables and that I could relate to. So I built a custom program that has the left side of the screen blacked out 2 pixels deep and from top to bottom. This is the same as IM -14. I also discriminated out nails. I use this program and run in digital. I relate to numbers pretty well (my programmer background?). I am now learning to hunt by sound and when I think I hear a good target I check the digital readout. It's really helped me on finding nickels because if I get a 10 05 and it bounces to 11 05 it's a nickel in my ground. Yes, I still dig a LOT of tabs and junk but not as much as I did at the start. The other day I found a table that is very good for jewelry. I printed out on a small piece of paper and have it taped to the top of the screen housing. This has helped me to recover more jewelry - teaches me the sounds too. I know I'm getting better because when I started 12-15 good recovered targets was a good day for me. My last trip out I recovered 100 coins (all modern) and 3 charms in 5 hours. Anyway, this setup works for me.

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