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Default Minelab settings

The settings would be for your particular area and type of hunting. Off the top of my head here goes.
Iron Mask -16
Sensitivity between 25 and 29 - Manual (use auto sometimes if highly mineralized.)
Threshold 1 (barely audible)
Digital screen
Gain 6 sometimes 7
Volume - Max
Fast -off ( I only use Fast - on in very high trash)
Deep - on
Sounds - Normal or Audio 1 ( I switch between them)
Discriminate out the nails, and foil lump. Accept all other icons. This will give you the ability to find coins & gold jewelry as well as your share of pulltabs.

I use this for most areas near me ( parks, historic farms, etc.)
When at the beach, crank up the sensitivity as high as possible and maintain stability. Don't forget to do a ground balance any time you change anything while in the field, or change locations. I sometimes do it every 30 minutes.

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