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Originally Posted by jimther View post
Ed and Jeff: Thanks for your questions.

This was MTHA's first year at setting a limit on hunters. My original post with the Hunt announcement thread does say: "You may sign up for the morning hunt, afternoon hunt or for both hunts" and then "We are limiting the number of full day hunters to 80. They will be eligible for a door prize" (the Minelab Equinox 600).

To give better odds for winning the door prize, the decision was made to limit eligibility to those who signed up for the WHOLE day by Oct 5th. Half day hunters, and "walk-ins" were not eligible for the Equinox 600.

As of today, we have only one half day hunter registered in addition to the 80 "Full Day" hunters, and we have half a dozen slots for AM or PM half day hunters, so no Ed, there never was a possibility of having "... a lot more than 80 hunters in each hunt". Even though we have built into the online registration process, 6 slots for AM or PM hunts, our realistic expectation, based on past hunts, is maybe 2-3 at most.

No "Full Day" walk-ins will be accepted because we have reached the 80 limit on those.

Each year, we have tried to accommodate the few who we know will only be able to do a half day, for whatever reason. Even if the "half day" slots fill up, that means a max of 86 hunters on the field at one time, but only the "Full Day" folks have a chance to win the Equinox 600.

See you in October... and GOOD LUCK !

Thanks for the clarification Jim. See you on the 20th.

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