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Originally Posted by ChrisMD View post
Was just ordering a Plugger's CF shaft for the Equinox, and received this email from Plugger's. Thought it was interesting that he believes they are built in two different locations. Cut and paste:

"Right now, I only have 39" shafts for the Equinox 800, the shafts that fit the 600 are due in end of the week and won't be available until about June 27th. Which model do you have?

The coil rod diameter on the 600 is larger than the 800. It appears that they are being built in two different locations. Further proof is the finish on the 800 is a glossy black while the 600 is a matte (flat black) finish. "
Interesting... May just be a fit and finish thing as well on glossy vs flat. Odd that they would do that though.

EDIT-- For you ODC folks, I measured my rod shaft diameter and it is just a tick short of 20MM in length.

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