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So the day I actually bought my Deus I woke up with a pinched nerve in my side. It's made life interesting let me tell ya. I finally had a break in the rain Sunday. I took a fist full of aspirin and took the Deus to a school lot sans the school. Looks like its going to become a park. Using just basic 1 and notching everything from 0-35 dropped the sensitivity to 85 and a pumping ground balance I started swinging.

I danced around in a circle for the first quarter hour with all the chirping it did. What's that... well what's that and THAT! My first find was foil. The 2nd find was an aluminum fence tie (I really hate those things). All high tones.

I walked a few feet away and started swinging again. A lot of broken sounds, nothing solid. Turning 90 degrees and they all disappear. Then the first LOUD mid tones kicked in. It almost made me jump because all the chirping was so soft. Then the coins started popping up every few feet. Pennies, nickels, and dimes. I was relieved. Glad I was finding nickles. It means I did not notch out gold. At least that is the old rule of thumb.

So it really started to rain and the little box of the Deus is not water proof as stated in the manual to I called it a day. It was in the belt sleeve but it got christened with mud from fumbling between pinpoint and scanning. Those buttons are hard to push with gloves dammit.

Can't wait to take it out again. Need a garbage bag to put it in after playing in the wet grass. Did not bring a rag with me to wipe it down and I'm not putting back in the hard case dirty! It was almost to dirty to put in my new car!

Total Coins as of 06/10/2018 $173.19
Running total for the past 3-4 years on and off.

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