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Originally Posted by hawgdawg View post
Some nice weapons y'all sporting there. I used to shoot a good bit, up till the late 80s when the kid was born. It's amazing how that little episode reroutes your whole direction in life, your priorities, your life.
So I packed everything away in a couple of footlockers, drug them out every now and then to lube them up. Used to love shooting my ole 10/22 with a 3x9 x40 scope with see thru scope rings. Used that for squirrel hunting. I don't think I missed 10 out of every 100 squirrels with that setup. Factory stock , barrel and all.
I picked up one of those .17 caliber , bolt action rifles a while back a boy was selling because he needed some cash. I've only shot it a few times but it seems like it's pretty acurate. They say it's a 22mag necked down to a .17 caliber. It's a fun little rifle to shoot what little I've shot it. Do y'all know much about them ? Any words of wisdom on these ?
The 17hmr is a 22 mad necked down.
Not to be confused with a 17 Mach 2.. A 22lr necked down.

As far as the 17hmr.
A very forgiving round to fire.
MoA groups are common out of factory barrels.
I used to squirrel hunt with one in the winter time.
I could kill squirrels nicely out to 125yards.
Ground hogs out to 175 yards.
Flat shooter for rim fire,,does pop sorta loud,little recoil.

The ammo made seems consistent.
Some guns like the 17 grain, some like 20 grain bullets.

The hornady 17 grain I always favored.
But the 20 grain hollow pints better for coyotes.

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